BromEX foamer – stops B.O. & Bromhidrosis

The natural deodorization remedy from Switzerland (JV Cosmetics)



Where to use BromEX foamer

This cleansing foam is suitable for all parts of your body:

  • Armpits
  • Breast
  • Back
  • Neck
  • Head
  • Scalp
  • Forehead
  • Face
  • Abdomen
  • Bottom
  • Legs (inner tights) and arms

Basic indications:

Body odour, stinky feet, smelly armpits, reeking genital areas, bromhidrosis.

Please be careful:

Do not use on irritated or injured skin! Not to be used on the mucous membranes. Avoid contact with eyes, mucosa, tongue or tissue! Wait at least 24 hours after shaving! Read the whole instructions on the leaflet. Please feel free contact us by mail or our ticket-system, we will be happy to answer all questions regarding our products. If you have experienced any dermal problems with similar products in the past please ask your doctor (dermatologist) first.

Different smells – one remedy: BromEX foamer

Does everyone smell different? Yes, of course. There are many good reasons to believe that we all have our own unique smell. Dogs, for example as pets or police sniffers seem to be able to distinguish individuals by their smell. And the mother-baby bond is cemented by their own distinctive odours.

Recently, a large and systematic study led by Dustin Penn from the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Ethology in Vienna, Austria, has provided stronger support for the notion that your smell might distinguish you from others maybe even as much as your face. The team found many more different volatile chemicals in sweat than in urine or saliva, it reports in Journal of the Royal Society Interface. This could be because humans have a reason to be able to distinguish themselves by general body odour, more than by marking territory as many other animals do.

An individual’s cocktail of odours changed all the time, but the researchers identified nearly 400 compounds that persisted in sweat samples taken at different times compounds that seem to be uninfluenced by what a person eats, for example. Comparing the presence and absence of these 400 compounds between any two given people seems to uniquely separate one from another, including people who lived together or were closely related. But it isn’t known just yet whether everyone on the planet has a ’smellprint‘ that marks them as uniquely as a fingerprint, says Penn. More data are required to determine for certain whether individual odour profiles will provide reliable biometric data. ¹

On a more non-scientific level, people would describe B.O. with the following attributes or smells:

  • Unusual Body Odour
  • Embarrassing Body Odour
  • Stinky Body Odour
  • Musty Body Odour
  • Pungent Body Odour
  • Rancid Body Odour
  • Vinegar Body Odour
  • Sour Body Odour
  • Garlic Body Odour
  • Ammonia Body Odour
  • Uric Body Odour
  • Fecal Body Odour
  • Fish Body Odour (aka TMAU-Syndrome)

However you or others may smell – BromEx foamer is the solution.

¹ Source:

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