BromEX foamer – stops B.O. & Bromhidrosis

The natural deodorization remedy from Switzerland (JV Cosmetics)



BromEX foamer should be applied twice a day (morning and evening) or even more often, directly before the washing.

Please use it as follows:

  • spray a handful of the foam onto your hand and apply it to the dry skin (wherever it is needed)
  • emulsify and massage it with circular motions of your fingertips
  • wait 30 seconds – rinse with clear water afterwards!
  • after that you can wash yourself as usual …

You do not need soap or something else for washing it off your skin. On the other hand, using soaps will not influence the effect of BromEX foamer. The main thing is that you rinse off the foam after half a minute of „reaction“: BromEX foamer annihilates the „smelly“ germs on your skins. The loosened and dead germs got encased („locked up“) in the imperishable micro-bubbles of the foam. This „polluted“ foam needs to get off your skin, otherwise the residues of dead germs would become a good soil for the growth of even more bacteria.

Terms of usage:

You can use BromEX foamer as often as you can. The more you use it, the better the effect will become. BromEx foamer starts to work after the fist appliance. In order to gain positive long-time effects you need to use it very regulary.

Instuctional leaflet:

You will find a detailed leaflet with advices for the correct appliance inside the BromEX foamer box.

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