Get rid of B.O. now.
BromEX washing foam stops
odours in minutes!

BromEX foamer – stops B.O. & Bromhidrosis

The natural deodorization remedy from Switzerland (JV Cosmetics)


Get rid of B.O. now.
BromEX washing foam stops
odours in minutes!

BromEX foamer cleansing foam – At a Glance

BromEX foamer stops body odour and bromhidrosis.

Permanent und displeasing body odour (B.O.) is not just an unsavoury annoyance, most people find it – honestly – disgusting. Especially at work, at school or in closed surroundings the reeker himself will face verbal discrimination soon, feeling rejected, stigmatised by society, when people start secretly talking or laughing behind his back. For the sufferer, funny remarks like „has your deodorant failed again?“ are nothing to laugh about. Comments like „could you please shower more often?“ or „have you never heard of soap?“ aren’t helpful at all. They just hurt and even well-intentioned advisory will fail. Body odour can become a psychological strain, it can cause social problems, erratic behaviour, psychosis or depression.

What most people do not know about body odor: in many cases the reeking has nothing to do with personal hygiene, neither with the daily washing routines nor with the usage of soap or deodorants. As a matter of fact there are lots of people, suffering from a commonly unknown disorder called bromhidrosis, an innocuous but distracting illness which causes a permanent and penetrative smell of sweat. The main cause of bromhidrosis is the bacterial flora of the skin. From this it follows that the main symptom of bromhidrosis is uncontrolled growth of special dermal bacteria. These bacteria assimilate the sweat on the skin, creating by-products like butanoic acid and formic acid which we recognize as the typical ’smell of sweat‘.

Many things can influence body odour or amplify bromhidrosis:

  • special diets, herbs, spicy food, high doses of protein
  • deseases, hidden inflammations, cancer, especially illnes of liver or kidney
  • alcohol or drug abuse
  • conditioning medications for body builders (ketone)
  • hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating illness)
  • low or wrong hygiene
  • skin-tight synthetic fabrics (clothing)

BromEX foamer stops the unrestrained growth of dermal bacteria. Its ingredients work as a slow and carefully working germocide.

Support the positive effect of BromEX foamer by …

  • finding out if any of the points above could cause your B.O.!
  • using AHC sensitive Antiperspirant daily!
  • using Dry balance Deodorant in the morning!
  • asking your dermatologist for further help!

What makes BromEX foamer so great?

  • particularly effective against bacteria which cause body odour
  • suitable for all parts of the body
  • enriched with sage oil
  • active agents work as gentle disinfectants
  • without alcohol, without triclosan (no aggressive chemicals!)
  • without colourants, without emulsifiers
  • without paraben, without dioxin
  • without perfum, without soap
  • without nano-scaled silver particles (nano silver)
  • without aluminium (aluminiumchloride)

BromEX foamer is a high-quality product made in Switzerland, manufactured by Joerg Valentin Cosmetics, an ecological conscientious family business from the alps. They only use the cleanest and best ingredients for their exclusive line of antiperspirants and cosmetics.

BromEX foamer is exclusively sold in the re-usable foamer bottle (works without propellant CFC). You can refill the foamer bottle as often as needed with our beneficial and eco-friendly BromEX refill package.

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